Interested in joining PSI Scans?

Send us an e-mail at with your name and what position(s) you’re interested in!

Currently Recruiting:

  • Redrawers

Is there any sort of test or application to join?
Nope! We welcome anyone and everyone eager to help with the scanlations!

What is the work schedule like? Are there any work quotas/deadlines?
We work on an “assign your own work” system, meaning you get to work when you want and at your own pace.
There’s a sign up list for jobs/chapters, so whenever you’re ready to get to work you simply sign up for a chapter and then take as long as you need to finish. We only ask that you plan ahead- if you think it’ll take longer than a week or two to finish a chapter, make sure you sign up for a later chapter that won’t need to be released for a while.

What positions/jobs are there? What do I need to be able to do for each position?

The four positions we have are Cleaner, Redrawer, Translator, and Typesetter.

Here’s what each one does:

CLEANER – No experience needed!

A cleaner’s job is to white out all the text in the speech bubbles: Simple as that!


REDRAWER – No scanlation experience needed: Must be comfortable with digital art!

A redrawer’s job is to erase any and all text that floats outside of a speech bubble, then re-draw the parts of the picture that were covered up and erased along with the text. This includes erasing all SFX and background text, and involves matching tones/background effects when redrawing.


TRANSLATOR – No scanlation experience needed! Must be confident translating Japanese into English.

A Translator’s job is to take all the Japanese text and translate it into English. This includes translating puns, sound effects, and background signs.


TYPESETTER – No experience needed! Must have a good eye for fonts.

A Typesetter’s job is taking the translation script, adding it to the redrawn pages, and formatting it so that it matches the original Japanese text. This means choosing fonts that mimic the original Japanese fonts, sizing and aligning the text, adding outlines textures and other styles, etc)