Got cash to spare and want to help support this series?
The best way to do that is by purchasing the books!

You can buy digital copies of Saiki Kusuo books from Bookwalker!

The books are fairly cheap since you don’t have to pay shipping/import costs, and they accept paypal payments! Their reader app is available for iphone, android, PC, and mac.

They also have a handy instructional page about their site/app, including a nice video tutorial on how to buy Japanese books!

If you prefer physical books, but don’t have any Japanese bookstores in your area, you can buy online from Kinokuniya! (available in the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, the UAE, and Japan)

Just search 斉木楠雄 under Japanese books and all the volumes will be there available for purchase~

You can usually find the books from 3rd party sellers on amazon too! Just search 斉木楠雄 and they should show up (try to buy new if you can help it! Used books may be cheaper, but new copies support the author directly!)

Physical books tend to cost more and take a while to ship, but they are oh so nice to have!

Thank you so much for being a fan of Saiki Kusuo!
Here’s hoping the series continues strong for a long time~